Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another Career Off to a Good Start!

(Rebekah with Chief Instructor, Mrs. Force)

I've shared before, and it remains truer than ever, that one of the greatest reasons to homeschool is so that our children can pursue their dreams while they're learning. Although this is not impossible to do at the same time one attends traditional school, it certainly is more of a challenge, and I cannot imagine doing so at the same level. Rebekah has been training in depth since she was 11 years old to become a martial arts instructor. She works at the studio 6 days a week, including teaching classes, and assisting in the after school program. She worked as an intern at summer camp during the day, and as an assistant instructor in the evening. As soon as she turned 14, she was offered a paid position as a Junior Instructor. This is something she has wanted since she was 7 years old. She has worked so hard. And we are so thrilled for her.

Not only is she working in the field she plans to build her career in, but she is continuing her Mastery Legacy training, which will serve her, and her community well in any work she chooses in her future. Next stop, program director... then on to chief instructor! But first... we begin high school! What a year.

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