Monday, July 22, 2019

Ahhh New England Seasons....

I am not what one would describe as a "hearty New Englander". I'm more of a weather wimp. Is 75*, no humidity, and not too strong a breeze asking for too much? LOL

Of course, like most New Englanders, I treasure the experience of living through four distinct and glorious seasons. Back in the day, when our children were in public school, summer was my favorite because it was when we got to be together the most, and enjoy some family adventures. Now that we are together year round, I still enjoy the days at the lake or the beach. Watching my kids enjoy swimming and boating has always been one of my favorite things. But I will hold off on the field trips until fall. Is there anything worse than touring a 17th century reenactment village in 98* with 92% humidity, complete with other people's sweat on every surface and the fresh scent of bull deposits to greet you at the parson's homestead? Ummm... I'll pass. Everything feels crisper and more delightful when the temperatures drop and the moods rise.  We still steal moments here and there on these long summer days to discover new little hidden places we've never visted before. We love getting lost together on long country drives. Gosh, Rhode Island is beautiful. So much to explore. These valleys in the woods, and along the rivers are where my heart is happiest. 

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