Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre Dame...

(Source: wiki commons)

Sometimes life dictates the day's lesson theme. What a sad day, not just for all of us who share the Catholic faith, but for everyone who appreciates history, art, and architecture. Our hearts also go out to the people of Paris. This beautiful centerpiece of the city is beloved by so many. We are glad to read that it will not be a total loss. Amazing work by firefighters and a bit of luck in the origin and location of the fire. But perhaps most of all, kudos to the architect and builders who designed and built that incredible roof structure centuries ago. It seems their foresight saved this irreplaceable gem.

When our daughter, Sarah, was in high school, she visited Paris with the United States Youth Chorus. She was chosen to sing a solo at the concert in Notre Dame on her dad's birthday. That's the kind of gift money just can't buy. He was one proud papa. We treasure the memories our daughter made on that trip. And we are so thankful she got to see the inside of this masterpiece of a building.

For a little more about the history of Notre Dame Cathedral, visit here: Notre Dame Cathedral.

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