Thursday, May 31, 2018

Michael Tellier... Realtor!

So, this happened! 

As I have mentioned so many times before, this homeschooling journey has not just affected the kids. Michael and I have become renewed students of life. We have renewed our passion for learning, for improving, for growing. We have learned for the first time in our lives the value of setting goals, and working to attain them. We have learned to move mountains with faith in God and ourselves.  

In many ways, this last year has been among the hardest and the most rewarding. Mike has never worked so hard. He has two full-time professional careers, requiring him to work 6-7 days a week, and be on call 24 hours a day Tuesday through Sunday morning.  Let's just throw earning his black belt in mixed martial arts into the mix. Those last six months of black belt prep are a grueling challenge with extra classes, extra tests, extra physical requirements, tournaments, community project, traveling classes, etc.  The test was mid December, which is one of his two busiest times of the year as a liturgical music director.  So... hey... why not add looking for a house on top of all of that???? Crazy? Ya. But there's more! 

Our realtor and finance guy were the best. Throughout the process, Mike built a relationship with both of them. As events unfolded, the discussion of becoming a realtor was brought up. Our realtor was so amazing, he offered to finance Mike's classes for him to get his license and begin a chapter that would change our lives. Thus.... in November of 2017, Mike began taking realty courses, in the midst of his most intense black belt prep, during his busy season at work with extra rehearsals, while working 14 hour shifts throughout the week, and often being called in the middle of the night for removals. 

Oh, and I guess it doesn't even have to be said that he is the dad of four young kids still living at home, wanting to enjoy the advent and Christmas time with him. 

It was CRAZY!!!! Crazy, I tell ya. 

But... as always, he not only did what he had to do. But he still managed to give the kids and I the best of himself. 

Did I mention we bought our house, and had to move in the midst of all of this as well? Yep.  Just one of life's most stressful events. 

He earned his black belt.  He moved us into our "happy little house" before the Nor'Easter hit. He took his real estate exam, and passed it that first time. And within weeks, he was licensed in both RI and MA., and working for one of the top producing real estate firms in the country. 

Home School. It changes lives. 

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