Sunday, April 29, 2018

Keeping At It...

Jacob was struggling with his reading. Not that he couldn't read. Just that he didn't really want to, and lacked confidence in his reading out loud. He always loved being read to. I refused to get uptight about it, or push him. We kept reading together. Sometimes I would read the whole book. Sometimes I would read a page, then he would read a page, and we'd keep alternating. Sometimes he would read alone. For about  a year before his First Communion, he was nervous. He was afraid he had to read at the mass. We assured him that no one has to read at church, and it's only voluntary. He could carry the offeratory gifts or some other service instead. Well, as the big day approached, and the teachers asked for volunteers, the little stinker put his name in to read that day. He was excited as it approached. He practiced his reading multiple times a day. He practically had it memorized. Then.... the day before.... it was discovered he had been given the wrong reading, and he was handed a new one. Yikes.  He practiced the new reading. He did well, but his nerves were a bit shot.  The big day arrived. He walked up to the lectern, and began to read. His dad and I sat there, jaws dropped, pride welling, hearts full.  He sounded like an old pro; clear, loud voice, reading confidently and reverently.

My point? He took his own sweet time to get there, but he got there. It's easy to beat ourselves up sometimes and wonder if our method is making our child fall behind. But if we don't give up, and we work together, we'll get there. Was my son a star 5 year old reader? No. But he is among the most confident kids I've ever known, always willing to try something. He stepped up to the plate even in an area he had previously been aprehensive about. He worked hard. He gained the skill needed. His strength wasn't the reading, but the presentation. In the end, it all came together because we stuck together through it all. 

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