Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lego Lessons

The only thing Jacob asked for as a birthday present was an Iron Man Lego set. He was so excited that it was clear formal lessons were not going to happen until some seeing some Lego action. I decided to let them have their cake and eat it too. I told Caleb that if he followed the directions, and  helped his little brother assemble the pieces, it would count as their school time. 

They did a  great job! Gosh... they worked together so well, and were so enthusiastic about building the lab and helicopter. One thing I love about Lego, is that all three of my sons enjoy working on them together, and they range in age from 25-4! 

Jacob didn't want to wear anything more than his Iron Man skivvies, so Caleb served as my model to show off their work!

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