Monday, September 30, 2013

Foreign Languages


My 13 year old daughter has been wanting to learn French for a couple of years. We dabbled with some online translator sites, but she wasn't quite getting what she was looking for. I thought I'd have to take the plunge to purchase a big name foreign language system. Then, I joined some wonderful homeschooling sites, and kept hearing the name "Duolingo". I checked it out, and was so happy with what I found! Hannah is very happy to be immersing herself in French, Rebekah (8) is learning Spanish, and I just can't resist learning Italian. Caleb (11) wants to learn Chinese. We won't be able to talk to each other, but we'll be able to translate for each other just about everywhere we go! LOL

But seriously, this is a very user friendly system, and we are all enjoying the process. I would recommend Duolingo to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. They are always adding languages to their list.

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